What is Fridge IQ?

KIQ2_1_blurFridge IQ is a fun and mind-challenging IQ-puzzle. Try creating a Square, Rectangle or a Triangle in at least 33 different ways, by using up to 16 magnetic pieces of different geometrical shapes.

Challenge yourself, your family and your friends by exercising and stimulating your brain while preparing dinner, breakfast or at the party!

There is now 2 available versions of Fridge IQ, one White (version 1) and one Black (version 2). The concept of the versions is the same, the difference is new pieces and challenges.

Fridge IQ is available in an international version with instructions in multiple languages (English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Turkish, Russian, Check and Chinese). Fridge IQ also includes “iron in the lid” so that you can apply the pieces on the box and bring it on your trip… or to the sofa.


The concept of Fridge IQ is very simple but more challenging to complete…


1) Select one of the 33 challenges, this example: construct a triangle with the 6 pieces: Piece “D”, “I”, “G”, “M”, “N” and “P”.

2) Find the pieces and rotate and move them to create a triangular shape.

Sounds easy? Then you can continue with the real challenges and we can promise you that you will have tough challenges with the higher numbers… Enjoy!